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Pittsford Panthers Robotics Team 3181


Pittsford Panthers Robotics

We are members of the FIRST Robotics Organization. FIRST gives students the opportunity to not only learn a lot about engineering, but provide them with positive experiences in a competitive setting. There are events offered for all grade levels, from elementary to high-school.


The Pittsford Panthers Robotics, Team 3181, was founded by Brian Holliday (one of our mentors, and a teacher at Pittsford Sutherland H.S.) in 2010. Through the years the team has grown in size and experience. We would not be able to do what we do without the amazing people on this team, and the full effort they put into this operation.

When thinking of a robotics team many assume it’s full of engineering students and mathematicians.

While these roles are essential to the team they don’t paint the entire picture. A robotics team is as much a team as it is a company with very specific goals. To achieve these goals we have an incredibly diverse team of people ranging from art students, to business students, to English students. We need all these people to run our website, write our posts, create our logos and banners, and so on.


Of course, we need a robot too, and for that we need engineers. The engineering component of our team includes mechanical, electrical, and software. Each of these sub-teams has a specific role in creating the robot. The mechanical sub-team focuses on the structure of the robot. They do this by CAD (computer aided design) for the parts, as well as building the robot’s chassis. Electrical constructs the electrical board and sets up the wiring of the robot. They’re the bridge between software and hardware. That’s where he programming team comes in. They write the code to direct the robot. Every one of these parts is vital to the success of the robot. For everything to go smoothly teamwork is key.

Team Coaches

Brian Holliday.png

Head Coach: Mr. Holliday (Founder 2010 – present)

Mr. Holliday is the team coach for Sutherland High School. He is the lead mentor for the Mechanical team including CAD, manufacturing of parts and assembly of the robot. Mr. Holliday is a teacher at Sutherland High School.

Team Coach: Charles Profitt (2016 – present)

Mr. Profitt is the team coach for Mendon High School. His efforts include improving team communication and organization. He handles parent communications and oversees the following teams: Art and Media, Business Administration, Programming, and Communications. Mr. Profitt is a systems administrator for Pittsford Central Schools.

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Other Mentors & Volunteers

Our team receives assistance and support for many other mentors. They play an equally important role in developing the robot. They provide insight from their career specialties. We also owe them a huge thanks for helping to organize and provide the team with meals and (most importantly) moral support in competition.

A special thank you to:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Pylko

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rubens

  • Mr. & Mrs. Dix

  • Mrs. Marino

  • Mr. Fletcher

  • Mrs. Johnson