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We Are Pittsford Robotics

We are FIRST Team #3181 based in Pittsford, New York. We give students the opportunity to explore STEM, Art & Media, and Business with hands-on experiences and competitions.

T    E    A    M


Being a non-profit, educational organization, our student-run Business team oversees team funding, sponsor relations, resource allocation and community outreach. Each year, the team manages thousands of dollars needed for club operations, competition registration, and robot materials. Students interested in finance, marketing, and management explore the intersection between business and STEM here at Pittsford Robotics.



Pittsford Robotics strives to promote STEM education and opportunities in our community. Students gain hands-on experience in mechanical, electrical and software engineering through building a life-size, fully functioning robot that completes a series of tasks for that season’s competition. Each year, we also host multiple outreach events such as robot demonstrations at local festivals and conducting a recycling drive for metal and electronics. 


Art & Media

Pittsford Robotics gives aspiring artists an opportunity to apply their creative skills in a real-world, non-profit organization. Our Art and Media team tackles projects such as designing team apparel, creating content for our social media and website and developing a safety video for each year’s safety animation award.  

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