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Taking Flight: 2022 Season

Just like that, we're flying at high speed into another action-packed season for our team- Pittsford Robotics Team 3181! The 2022 Twitch kickoff finally revealed the challenge behind FIRST's teasers, including a brand new playing field and hub.

At the start of a round, all robots will begin stationed around a hub and can earn points by scoring balls in either the upper or lower hub. Each round will begin with 15 seconds of an autonomous period (driver-free), in which robots can score with their one preloaded cargo (oversized tennis balls) and with surrounding cargo. Afterward, our drivers can control the robots for the remaining 2 minutes & 45 seconds to score cargo 2 at a time, then climb as many rungs of the hangar as possible, the higher being the most points!

Our electrical, programming, and mechanical teams have been hard at work designing a robot for regionals in March! The art & media team has been busy designing team t-shirts, banners, and pins, while the business team has been organizing and reaching out sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring our team, check out our sponsorship tab and feel free to reach out to us at Looking forward to an awesome season!

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