It's a Space Race: 2021 Season Kickoff!

Updated: 6 days ago

And we’re off! The FIRST Robotics season has launched for the Pittsford Robotics Team 3181. At the 2021 Kickoff broadcasted on Twitch, FIRST introduced 3 challenges and many rewards for teams to participate in virtually. Our team is competing in INFINITE RECHARGE at Home and The Game Design Challenge.

In INFINITE RECHARGE at Home, we’re using last year’s robot to protect the FIRST city from dangerous incoming asteroids. Our robots will race to energize their shield generator by scoring power cells to protect the city. Will the city be demolished or saved?

Our other challenge is Game Design, where we will create a FIRST competition game design and have the opportunity to share it with their designers. Our work may be used as a future FIRST robotics game!

Currently we are hosting virtual meetings over Zoom and breakout rooms to discuss and work on projects while following COVID-19 guidelines. Look forward to an exciting season!

Written by Cailey H.

Pittsford Robotics, Pittsford New York


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