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Information night!


Come be apart of team 3181! Find out what we do October 6th at 6pm. The team will talk about our sub-teams and how you can help. We need people in every aspect of our team. Especially our art, media, and business opportunities. The 6th meeting you can bring your parents and get the major concepts of who we are as a team. You will be able to see the robot in action. During the 6th meeting you will find out our major expectations for our participants, such as how often you can come, and how you should behave. After the 6th meeting we will send out a follow up form to see if you are going to join us, and rank what team you want to be on. We will have a parent information night on October 12th at 6pm. The 12th will be the parents expectations, in order for our team to function we need parent help. With rides, robotics transportation, food, and possible mentorship. After both of these meetings we will get into training our new members for the upcoming season. Tell your friends. Can't wait to see you there!


More information to come. Keep up to date by following us on instagram @frcteam3181

DM us on Instagram with questions


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