Subteams and Leaders

To increase overall efficiency, the team is divided into various subteams and leadership divisions, each working on different tasks. Below, you can find all of the different areas, and what they specialize in. Some positions are yet to be announced, so stay tuned for updates!

Team Executives

Our captains lead the entire team so we can work at our best potential. They show great leadership through unique responsibilities and situations that arise throughout the build season, as well as off-season. They with our mentors and leaders to have our team working as a unified, productive whole.

Team Executive Team

  • 2018 – Kat Curry and Holly Pylko
  • 2017 – Ashwan Kadam and Neli Kotlyar
  • 2016 – Aly Hartmann and Alex Pradhan
  • 2015 – Aly Hartmann
  • 2014 – Aly Hartmann

Subteam Coordination

Subteam coordination (previously Project Management) organizes the subteams and their schedules. They make sure the subteams stay on task, on schedule, and productive. They also work to resolve possible conflicts with scheduling, between subteams, and within them as well.

Subteam Coordinators

  • 2018 – Ronan K.
  • 2017 – Holly P
  • 2016 – Tristan O and Ahkil S
  • 2015 – Tristan O

Communication/Events Coordination

Communication and events coordinators work on getting information and updates out to our team and sponsors. They take notes during meetings, and organize those notes into summaries of what’s going on. They also work to get sponsors for the team, and communicate with existing sponsors.

Communication/Events Coordinators

  • 2018 – Eashaan D
  • 2017 – Ronan K
  • 2016 – Tristan O and Akhil S
  • 2015 – Tristan O

Marketing/Media Coordination

Marketing and media coordinators monitor and run our social media outlets. This includes our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. They’re also in charge of the team’s photography, images, and graphics. They also are in charge of the web and graphic design/animation subteam.

Media Coordinators

  • 2018 – Jaida N
  • 2017 – Neli K



The mechanical team designs, builds, and tests the robot’s physical abilities. This includes creating the chassis, the drive train, and any other specific features pertaining to that season’s game. They work together with the members of the other teams to try to create the best robot possible.

Mechanical Leads

  • 2018 – Shakeel F, Kyle L and Zikun W
  • 2017 – Kat Curry and Shakeel F
  • 2016 – Alex P and David P
  • 2015 – Alex P, David P, Asif H, and Eimile R
  • 2014 – Alex P, David P, Asif H, and Eimile R


The electrical team is in charge of wiring the robot. They make sure that all data transfers correctly to its desired location, coordinate battery usage, and determine when the batteries are going to be charged during the competition. Essentially they create and maintain the nervous system of the robot.

Electrical Leads

  • 2018 – Holly P
  • 2017 – Holly P
  • 2016 – Tristan O, Holly P
  • 2015 – Tristan O
  • 2014 – Benjamin P


The programming team writes the code that allows the drivers to tell the robot what to do and when to do it. They also program the robot to move on its own during the autonomous period of the competition. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible for the robot to do everything needed during the entire competition.

Programming Leads

  • 2018 – Thomas V, Eric D, Henry Y, Kyle N, Cian P
  • 2017 – JD T and Matt N
  • 2016 – Ethan O and JD T
  • 2015 – Robbie M and Ethan O
  • 2014 – Robbie M


The CAD team creates virtual drawings of the parts and systems that we use for our robot. This way they can determine whether a specific part or system will work, and then it will relay that information to the rest of the team. Our CAD team utilizes Autodesk Inventor to create their drawings.

CAD Leads

  • 2018 – Shakeel F and Zikun W
  • 2017 – Shakeel F and Zikun W
  • 2016 – Alex P and David P
  • 2015 – Alex P and David P
  • 2014 – Asif H and Alex P

Art and Media

The web team creates and maintains the website and social media. They are in charge of everything that goes on the site, as well the graphic design, animations, and social media. They program, design, and fix any problems with the site. Along with this, they also take photographs, interact with other teams and sponsors, design our theme, and show our wonderful team to the public.

Website Leads

  • 2018 – Jaida N
  • 2017 – Neli Kotlyar
  • 2016 – Neli Kotlyar and Alexa Chew
  • 2015 – Ethan Otto
  • 2014 – Ethan Otto

Graphic Design/Animation Leads

  • 2018 – Anna D and Briana R (Safety Animation Award Runner Up)
  • 2017 – Anna D and Briana R


Inventory is in charge of recording and organizing the parts and equipment that the team owns. They’re also in charge of maintaining the team’s item database, which keeps track of all the robot parts that the team owns.

Inventory Leads

  • 2018 – Kyle L
  • 2017 – Kyle L
  • 2016 – Kyle C


The business team is in charge of managing communications with our sponsors. They are also in charge of recruiting new sponsors. In addition, they also manage our finances and make sure to distribute our funds among the subteams. In this way, they ensure that the team can continue for years to come.

Business Leads

  • 2018 – Aaron
  • 2017 – Ronan K
  • 2016 – Nicole L
  • 2015 – Tristan O and Alex P
  • 2014 – William M

Drive Team

The drive team is the team that directly participates in the competition and consists of four members: two driver, a coach, and one human player. The two drivers control the robot; usually one controls the movement of the robot while the other controls the shooting. The human player gets a task every year, and interacts with the game pieces outside of the robot. The coach instructs the drivers and the human player, and helps coordinate the three separate teams on their alliance.

Drive Team

  • 2018 – Kat C, Kyle L, Shakeel F, Sierra B, Nayal Z
  • 2017 – Kat C, Kyle L, Cal J, Shakeel F, Zikun W
  • 2016 – Alex P, Aly H, Shakeel F, Kat C


Scouting helps us communicate with other teams during competitions. Scouts talk with other teams about our robot’s strengths, how the robot works, ranking status, and other team statistics. This helps us interact with other teams, strategize with our allies, gain information on our opponents, and form strong bonds and alliances for future matches and competitions.

Scouting Leads

  • 2017 – Kat C
  • 2016 – Aly H
  • 2015 – Aly H
  • 2014 – William W


Safety makes sure that we stay safe during builds and competitions. They not only keep first aid supplies restocked and available at all times, but take precautionary measures to try and make sure the first aid supplies doesn’t have to be used in the first place.

Safety Captains

  • 2018 – Maxence R, Andrew P, Ronan K
  • 2017 – Ronan K
  • 2016 – Sam S
  • 2015 – Asif H
  • 2014 – Asif H