About Us

The Pittsford Panthers were founded in 2010 by Mr. Holliday and with much help from FIRST 340, Greater Rochester Robotics.  Each year, we participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition, which is a yearly event where teams build robots and compete in the hopes of gaining the most points and winning the competition.

FIRST Robotics team 3181 is truly a team. Students participating in this team garner inspiration and enthusiasm from the dynamic environment. In fact, our team is the epitome of project based learning. In today’s educational effort to make sure that students achieve certain common goals, the teachers often do not have the time to encourage students to learn from hands-on work. FIRST gives students an incomparable opportunity to sharpen their STEM skills by using them in an exciting hands-on environment. Robotics encourages students to take what they are learning in class, and put it to use. In addition, working on the robotics team lets students increase their communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. These practical life skills are easily transferable to other educational and work settings.

The most unique aspect of our team is our students. They are bright and full of enthusiasm, but more importantly, they take responsibility for our robot. Although they accept guidance from mentors, they design and build the robot. This unique aspect of our team was most evident during competition. Looking around at other teams’ pit areas, one saw clusters of adults working on robots with some children in the mix. Our pit was packed with students while adults were on the periphery. Even when we made radical repairs in between matches, it was our students working together, problem solving on the fly, while the adults supervised. No single adult on our team knows the complete ins and outs of our robot like our lead students. These team leads help run the group and make it a very inclusive and welcoming environment. Our goal is for no student to ever feel unwanted.

We sincerely hope to keep our team running for years to come. Despite the gradual loss of funds, our team has grown in numbers. We will be accepting around twenty new recruits this year. Through community outreach, we’ve almost doubled our number of mentors this year, and these new mentors are helping us to improve at every turn. We hope to utilize the skills and enthusiasm of these new team members to become more proactive in obtaining donations and sponsors.

Team Mentors

Mr. HolidayHead Coach: Mr. Holliday
Email: brian_holliday@pittsford.monroe.edu

Mr. Holliday supervises daily team activities and deals with paper work and issues regarding the Sutherland and Mendon schools and their relationship with FIRST.




CprofittTeam Advisor: Charles Profitt
Email: charles_profitt@pittsford.monroe.edu

Mr. Profitt assists Mr. Holiday with daily team activities.




A special thank you to all the parents who also mentored the team. Thank you to Mr. Pylko, Mrs. Otto, Mr. Kirby, Mrs. Thompson, Mr. Pradhan, Mrs. Pradhan, and Mrs. Cullen.