Build Season Week 4 and 5

Posted by on Feb 18, 2017

Build Season Week 4 and 5

Hey guys!

Week 4 may have been our best one yet! We mostly completed the assembly of our practice robot, and began the assembly of the competition robot. Our electrical board for the first robot was fully completed, and programming was almost able to implement the driver code.

Also, Programming made great strides that week in that they were able to perfect their vision code. After years of attempting to develop it, all of the previous work was scrapped this year and, within the span of a few months, they were able to develop and perfect brand new vision code.

As for week 5, it been a whirlwind! Our practice robot and competition chassis are fully wired, and have officially achieved field-oriented driving. Along with that, our ball containment units for the first and second chassis are almost complete, and our ball intake system is almost assembled. Our climbing mechanism is well on its way to being fully assembled as well.

We were also able to choose a new banner from our graphic designers, which is the featured image. Here are the runner-ups down below:

As our build season comes to a close, our robot is coming together like the pieces of a puzzle; programming is almost completed with both robots, electrical is nearly done as well, and mechanical is speedily catching up and perfecting each component of the robot. We have high hopes that Ada will work wonderfully!

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