Message from Co-Captain

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Message from Co-Captain

Hello reader!

I’m Ashwan Kadam, the new team co-captain for this year, and I would like to welcome you to the Pittsford Panthers 2016-2017 season! I look forward to creating weekly blog posts to keep you updated on our progress, and also to leading the team this year with my co-captain, Neli Kotlyar. She’s also our team’s web, animation, and marketing leader, and she’ll be editing and posting these blogposts. I myself am on the mechanical subteam mostly, and I work hands-on with the robot.

Also, I’m very excited to work with the rest of our newly developed leadership team. I have high hopes this year in regards to our ability to find new sponsors, and to perform to our best ability in competitions. I believe that our future looks very bright, especially because of how organized our whole team has become. We are also focusing more on using input from the students, especially new students, to increase the synergy and morale here on 3181. Overall, by creating a team of students dedicated to leading individual portions of the team and starting a system of individual sub-team meetings (rather than having the entire team meet at once), we are beginning to function as a well-oiled machine.

Finally, a new item that I look forward to this year is the implementation of the concept of integrated design. In previous years, creating the three-dimensional designs of the robot was a responsibility dedicated mainly to a select few members of the mechanical team; however, in order to account for the needs of all the sub-teams, we are starting a new system where representatives of each sub-team are involved in creating the design of the robot. This will help us include not only what the mechanical team wants, but what the electrical and programming team does as well.

These new changes will help us become a better team, and will help us work to our fullest potential. They have given many of our members, including myself, high hopes for this year’s build season.

Thanks for your time!

-Ashwan Kadam


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