2017 Team Leaders

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2017 Team Leaders

Congratulations to our new 2017 team leaders! Although some positions are yet to be determined (or created), we are proud to announce the following selections:

Leadership Coordinators:

•Team Captains – Neli Kotlyar and Ashwan Kadam
•Subteam Coordination* – Holly Pylko
•Communications/Events Coordination – Akhil Sondhi and Ronan Kenkare
•Marketing/Media Coordination – Neli Kotlyar
•Student Coordination – TBD
•Treasurer – TBD

Subteam Captains:

•Mechanical – Kat Curry and Shakeel Farooq
•Electrical – Holly Pylko
•Programming – Matt Nolan and JD Thompson
•Web – Neli Kotlyar
•Graphic Design/Animation – Anna Dawson and Neli Kotlyar
•Drive Team – TBD
•Business/Sponsorship – Ronan Kenkare
•Inventory – TBD

*formerly Project Management Subteam

Everyone on this list has worked very hard for their positions, and have been chosen by our experienced mentors and advisors after reviewing applications and the applicant’s team history. They have been chosen for their ability to lead and think creatively, and to show great ingenuity, perseverance, and commitment. Most importantly, they show the ability to strengthen communication on the team, and unite us as a whole.

However, it takes a strong foundation to have strong leadership. So finally, we would like to graciously thank our non-leadership members, who have worked tirelessly to create the best team experience we can have on 3181.

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