Finger Lakes Competition

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in 2016 Season, Scrollers

Finger Lakes Competition

This week we attended a competition a little closer to home. The Finger Lakes Regional Competition takes place at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) every year. It was our team’s first FIRST regional, and a lot of our senior students end up attending the college after graduation. It was nice to see old members of the team during the competition, as many came to see how the robot was doing. We are proud to say that this year we did a lot better than any years previous. However, poor Fezzik had a bit of a… mishap involving a wire and some metal that touched said wire.

Well, at least there weren’t flames.

We got a lot of help (as well as many jokes) from other teams after the “incident” though, so we were able to power through easily, thanks to the spirit of cooperation! We’d like to extend our thanks to all the teams that helped us get Fezzik back in working order in time for our next match! Also, we would like to give a special shoutout to team 1507, the Lockport Warlocks, for helping us with our electrical issue. Without them, we would’ve been fried.

While our team didn’t make it into the final eight alliances, we were pleased with our performance, and as usual, we learned a lot. Since our team’s founding, we’ve done nothing but improve. I expect by the time this year’s freshmen are ready to graduate, the team will be one of the top contenders in our region!

The competition at Finger Lakes is always our favorite, and this year was no exception. As will all Robotics Competitions, we learned a lot, and we had a great time.


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