End of Week 3 2016

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 in 2016 Season

Build Season is officially halfway over! We have finally completed several important aspects of the Robot’s final construction. The CAD designs for the robot are complete, and we will soon have hands on all the physical parts necessary to build the robot. The robot is set to be completed a week and a half before build season ends, giving us ample time to test and streamline the design and controls.

The Electrical Team is working on a printed circuit board, which will be used in the final design of the robot. The printed circuit board is a great addition to the electrical arsenal, as it is extremely customizable, making it easy to make one to exact specifications, even those heavily restricted by the mechanical construction of the robot.

The Inventory Form system has released beta 1.0 and is steadily improving. A mere 3 hours after release, patch 1.1 was released, enabling the use of offline addition and subtraction from the spreadsheet. In layman’s terms, the Inventory Team has created paper forms for part removal and return instead of requiring the presence of an Inventory Team member to input the change.

Programming has been working on getting the gist of the code within the understanding of both old and new members. Their focus is currently on interfacing with cameras and helping the newer members get used to the programming concepts used in programming the robot.

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Week 1 of Build Season, 2016

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in 2016 Season

It’s finally here! The new FIRST game this year is called Stronghold, and it looks like a blast. In case you haven’t heard, here’s the video:

It looks complicated, and it looks challenging, but let’s get excited because it looks fun! The goal of our team this season is to make a robot that is able to be useful in all aspects of this game. As can be plainly seen, this won’t be an easy task! This week we will keep hands off everything physical for the robot, and get set with what we’ll do. We hope to have a concrete plan of our strategy, and an accurate CAD model to represent what we will build. The following week we begin construction, edit our design, and streamline our processes in doing so even more for next year! This year we made a vow to let the newer robotics team members interact with the robot much more than previous years, and we plan to uphold that. Training our new members is likely the single most important thing that we will do this year. New blood in robotics is what keeps these mechanical wheels turning, and with more advanced and hands on training, we hope that the blood is high quality! Okay, enough of that analogy. This new year, and new season, has our hopes high for this season, and hopefully that will turn into great results!

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