Monthly Archive: January 2016

End of Week 3 2016 0

End of Week 3 2016

Build Season is officially halfway over! We have finally completed several important aspects of the Robot’s final construction. The CAD designs for the robot are complete, and we will soon have hands on all the physical parts necessary to build the robot. The robot is set to be completed a week and a half before build season ends, giving us ample time to test and streamline the design and controls. The Electrical Team...

Week 1 of Build Season, 2016 0

Week 1 of Build Season, 2016

It’s finally here! The new FIRST game this year is called Stronghold, and it looks like a blast. In case you haven’t heard, here’s the video: It looks complicated, and it looks challenging, but let’s get excited because it looks fun! The goal of our team this season is to make a robot that is able to be useful in all aspects of this game. As can be plainly seen, this...