Week 3 of Training New Members, 2015

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in 2016 Season

Today marks the third official training day for new members to our team. Again we split into groups, with several new members testing the waters in various sub-teams to see if it fits them. The programming team is working with the robot for the first time, seeing how the code “talks” to the robot, and how the autonomous code works. The mechanical team is beginning to design a new test chassis to be used for a prototype robot. This will serve to show new members exactly what goes into a robot, and exactly what goes into its use. The electrical team is learning more about the various electrical parts that FIRST uses in its robots, as well as general electrical knowledge. They have begun to draw up ways to make an electrical board for the prototype robot, which will serve to be a great tutorial into the world of FIRST electrical work. All in all, today was more training, with all the new members finding their niche in the workings of the team.

mechies1^ Mechanical team working on the new chassis

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