Week 2 of Training New Members, 2015

Posted by on Oct 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

This year, we are taking greater steps in the training and initiation of newer members to our team. We have split the new members into different groups for training and an introduction to FIRST. They split similar to the sub-teams for training, grouped into mechanical, electrical, programming, and business. Business is being made a large priority this year, larger than it was previously. We have taken active steps to recruit new business inclined members on our team to manage and control our funding, sponsorship, and public image.

Our hands-on approach to the training of newer members will hopefully lead to an improvement of team cohesion. In the past years, our robot’s creation has been largely in part due to a small team of experts. However, this year we want many people working on it, contributing their ideas, and most of all getting knowledge for the future. Last year, we lost a significant amount of seniors that held the team on their shoulders for a large part. Our team floundered, and now we are taking steps to ensure that will not be a problem in the future. We are starting early this year, and will be very ready by the time the game is released. We are very excited to have so many people on our team this year, and we look forward to Build Season. 20151021_200015Electrical training^

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