Monthly Archive: February 2015

Build Season; Week 5, 2015 0

Build Season; Week 5, 2015

The mechanical team has been hard at work this week! The robot is moving much better, and the problems that plagued us last week in both the software and hardware have been fixed. The robot now glides smoothly along the tile floor, while the lift mechanism is also mostly functional, and it raises totes easily. Electrical team is hard at work getting the sonar to attach to the robot, and are...

Build Season: Week 4, 2015 0

Build Season: Week 4, 2015

So, we’re starting off the fifth week, and things are looking fine, at least with the programming team; they only need to tweak the code, and test it to make sure it works. The mechanical team is still finishing off their blueprints on Autodesk Inventor, and the electrical team is making progress on the electrical board. All in all, the team is working hard, and is trying to make up...