Build Season: Week 3, 2015

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We’re halfway through the fourth week and the team is working quite hard; the past five days were dedicated to midterm exams, so we have quite a bit of work to make up. The mechanical team has started to build the chassis for our first robot, and is almost done with building a model of the finished product in Autodesk Inventor. The programming team is fine-tuning the driving code and testing it with the new Talon SRX motor controllers. The electrical team has made models of the electrical board in Inventor, and already built it.

All in all, the team has been working hard, and is continuing to do so.


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Build Season: Week 2, 2015

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So, the second week of build season just ended, and the team has been quite busy.

We finally decided on what mechanism we will use to pick up the bins, and the mechanical team has begun to design the components of this mechanism with a computer aided design (CAD) software. So far, they’re been able to draw the major parts of the mechanism, and are working on the details.

The programming team has coded the drive code, and is currently testing it out. They have been busy with testing and perfecting it.

So far, everyone is working hard, and we’re making progress.


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Build Season: First Week, 2015

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Build season finally started, so the team has been pretty busy; we have been spending a lot of time brainstorming up ideas for our robot, and are currently building prototypes of these ideas.

The game for this year is quite interesting; unlike the games of years past where robots had to shoot game pieces into goals to gain points, and could choose to play defensively and prevent their opponents from scoring, this year’s game has the robots moving and stacking totes and garbage cans in specially designated zones, and each alliance has to stay on their side of the field, preventing defensive play from being a viable strategy. In addition, the robots this year have a very different size constraint, and do not require bumpers.

These factors in themselves provide a new challenge; the rules have changed and the team now has to work with them. It will be very interesting to see what solutions we’ll find to overcome these new obstacles.

Here’s a video describing the game the robot will be participating in:

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