Last week Before Kick-off, 2014

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Hello, readers

This week we have a lot of work to do because this is the last meeting before Kick-off; we have our kick-off on January 3 at the Kodak theater.

The kick-off is going to be huge, so some of you might be wondering what it is. The kick-off is where the teams know what the competition for this year. We will also learn the rules and the teams we will be competing against.

Everybody is doing a great job, they are making changes bit by bit and making it better than last year.






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Monthly Member Interview #1

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Hello, faithful readers (if you exist), this week we have something special for you, an interview! These past years, most of the work has been done by a key group of members, this year, we hope to change that, but today I interview one of the most important people in past years, Benjamin Pylko. Ben helped with the programming and electrical, and is quite proficient in both.

It's a Benjamin!

It’s a Benjamin!

Interviewer: So Ben, how do you feel about your past participation in the Robotics Program?

Ben: Well, I feel like I’ve really tried to do as much as I can for the team and learn as much as I can.

Interviewer: What do you think your impact was on the Robotics team these past years?

Ben: I’ve assumed leadership roles in programming and electrical, but now I’m letting other students have leadership roles, and now I try to provide support, and try to be a mentor for new members.

Interviewer: What do you think was your most major contribution to the Team?

Ben: Leading the Electrical team.

Interviewer: Where did you learn all your skills?

Ben: The internet, and books.

Interviewer: Alright, last question, are there any tips you would like to give future members?

Ben: Don’t be afraid to argue, you’re just as likely to be right as anyone else.

Interviewer: That’s all fol-

Sorry about that, that’s all folks! See us again (if you exist) next week!

TLDR: Ben is a wizard.

Ben is a wizred

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Pittsford Panther’s Robotics Weekly Update #3

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This week we extended our meeting times, normally an hour and a half, to two hours. We did this to have both a business and building meeting in the same day. In the first half, the business teams worked on various aspects of our public appearance and personal organization. The sponsorship team worked on the presentation to give to potential sponsors, with the web team troubleshooting and adjusting the website to better our public appearance. The web team also worked on social media and presentation. The awards team is starting to look at other teams’ past Chairman’s Award projects in preparation for our own. Marketing is working on our organization, managing the many photos that our team has taken in the past years, making a lot of progress as far as organization is concerned. In the latter half of the meeting, the building teams went through training with our mentors.

TL;DR: We worked on things and learned from adults.


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