Pittsford Panthers Robotic’s Weekly Update #2

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This week we are beginning to implement a new “resource” into our team. This resource is called “Basecamp“. It is a resource that lets us organize our team, it helps us be more efficient and build a better robot. However, it will mostly help us run a better business for our team. Many of Basecamp’s features center around organization, and we can use this to advertise ourselves out on the big, wide internet, something we were lacking the years previous. It will help us organize our various social media accounts, and help with advertising our cause. Currently our teams are working on the various projects to which  they have been assigned. This week was a business meeting, which means we assembled into our business teams. We have two teams here at Pittsford Robotics, business and building. The business teams are awardsmarketing, sponsorship, and webpage design. The building teams are electrical, mechanical, and programming. Today the awards team is just getting settled and preparing to start their foray into the depths of the chairman’s award. The marketing team is organizing the sponsorship data we collected into our Basecamp account. The sponsorship team is helping the marketing team and preparing a list of benefits for supporting Pittsford Robotics. The webpage design team is writing a blog, and troubleshooting aesthetic problems with the current website.

TLDR; We started using Basecamp and it’s cool.

~Pittsford Robotics 3181

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Pittsford Panthers Robotics Weekly Update #1

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Date: November 17, 2014

This week marked a great milestone for Pittsford Robotics, and some great news, which is part of the milestone. For one, our application for a $5,000 grant from NASA was accepted! All we have to do is submit an application for the FIRST Robotics Chairman award! Another great achievement of this week was that we won an Ekocycle 3D Printer for our team! This is a huge milestone because it’s the most donations we have ever gotten before in one week! The Ekocycle 3D Printer is especially interesting, because we have several members of our team extremely skilled at various CAD softwares, and using their skills and the 3D Printer, we can manufacture our own specialized parts for much cheaper and faster than from any other source. We can also use it to make other trinkets to impress potential sponsors. One plan we have is to make a model of our panther head logo, and use it as a mold to make chocolates! This is a project that will take a lot of time, effort, and skill if it is to work, and I strongly believe that we can pull it off!

TLDR; We got five grand and a 3D Printer

~Pittsford Robotics 3181



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