The Mettalico scrap drive for fund raising

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The Mettalico scrap drive is here!

This Scrap Drive is to benefit our Robotics  Team.

Please bring  your non-radioactive,  and non-hazardous yet unwanted metals to the parking lot outside our School. This Drive will really help the team with next years funding. So bring as much metal as you can.

The Scrape Drive is at SUTHERLAND HIGH SCHOOL Saturday, May 17th 9am- 1pm

ITEMS NEEDED: Nearly all non-hazardous metals: Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless,Nickel Alloys,Steel, Lead, Batteries, Appliances, and more.

THINGS WE CAN’T TAKE: Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, Cardboard, Air Conditioners, Electronics Chemicals.

For questions, call Jayna Otto at 585-267-7814

For more information about what you can and cannot bring go to the Metallico website:

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Back From the Competition at RIT

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Sorry for the Lack of updates on the Blog. We took a break after competition and the web team got lazy ( I’m sorry ). Anyway the robotics team is back from the robotics competition at Rochester Institute of Technology. Sadly the team did not win the event but unlike most years, we held on to our team spirit until the bitter end. Our team was scouting 24/7 even after it was obvious we where no going to make it. However the most astonishing and enduring accomplishment our team made , belongs to the pit crew. Unfortunately the throughout the match our robot kept breaking down. The fascinating part was that our pit crew (composed of 5 students and no mentors) was able to fix every problem between matches. The problem was the a new problem arouse after every single match. These problems also appeared to be completely independent of the pervious issues (so we will do a lot more testing next year). Our pit crew reacted to these problems as if they were a trained NASCAR pit crew. The wheels were put on backwards, the shooter broke , the Torus fell off, the electrical board shorted (dang underglow ), and the autonomous code malfunctioned. Yet after every problem our pit crew swiftly located and fixed the source. We could not have been more proud of our pit crew and we are enthusiastic about next year 🙂 .

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