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Sunday, February 16th- The Rochester Rally

Where: 25 High School Drive, Penfield, N.Y.

When: 9AM – 3PM

This event is an annual meeting for the members of FIRST Robotics where teams from all over the region come together in order to test their robot designs on an actual competition field. Groups can either test specific parts of their robot or see how they operate overall. We want to find all of the breaking points of our robot and fix them before the competition. If you are interested in driving or working with the robot, or just want to come along, then please join us there! Remember, this event is not necessary for you to attend; it is completely optional.

We will not be meeting at any school first; just show up to the Rally and we will meet you there.There will be food and snack vendors, so bring some cash in case you get hungry.

Tuesday, February 18th- Bag Day

This is a normal meeting, except for one important factor: we need to finish the robot and prepare it for the competition by 11:59 PM. This is the last day of the build phase and the end of the six week build season. We’re so close to finishing the robot, but there are just a few things that need tweaking and fine-tuning. Great job, team! We’re almost there!

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The Robot is almost done…. through the programming is bugged.

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We have been It's almost done!tirelessly working on the robot for the last week. Both mechanical and electrical team made huge head way toward finishing the robot. Sadly, this Saturday at 8:00 PM we realized that the code for our robot is flawed, and requires further editing.

This set back is annoying because we need to test the programming before mechanical team can fine tune the robot.

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Hooray For Web Design!

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So after about a zillion years of toiling away on the WordPress site, we have  finally fixed our login problems and can now update the site regularly! Huzzah!

Sadly, we are still in the process of figuring out how to use this new blog format, so it will take a while until everything is in full working order. Until then, go to this page for all of your Team 3181 news.

Also, here’s a link back to the main page of our original website. Click me!

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